Novi Window Cleaning, Power Washing and Gutter Cleaning
Novi Window Cleaning, Power Washing and Gutter Cleaning
Novi Window Cleaning, Power Washing and Gutter Cleaning
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Window Cleaning in Novi MI

Novi’s Window Cleaning Experts

The outdoors is a beautiful place and when your windows are dirty, they prevent you from being able to appreciate that. Grime, dust, and debris can quickly accumulate and, when they do, they make windows unseemly and useless. Cleaning them properly can be unsafe and is best left to a professional. That’s why Kerner’s Window Cleaning LLC is here, our expert team of cleaners provides exceptional services to both residences and businesses of the Novi area.

Kerner’s Cleaning Services

As a full service company we offer more than just window cleaning. At Kerner’s Window Cleaning LLC, we also offer Novi residents cleaning services including:

  • - Window cleaning; we are experienced in washing sliding, tilting, and fixed windows of any size or shape. Whether you have a dirty storefront window, or you have dirty windows at dangerous heights, Kerner’s Window Cleaning LLC has a solution.
  • - Pressure washing; difficult to reach outdoor areas that have significant dirt buildup can generally be reached by our pressure washing equipment.
  • - Gutter cleaning; gutters that become clogged through debris build up may not drain properly and this can result in property damage.

Providing a Better View

Windows can accumulate thick layers of dirt, dust, and debris. Cleaning them, though, can be very difficult, especially if the window in question is at a significant height. Climbing up a steep ladder to clean a window is dangerous and unnecessary. That’s why we started Kerner’s Window Cleaning LLC. For Novi residents and business owners who have out of reach windows, and those who simply want a professional clean, Kerner’s Window Cleaning LLC has a team of professionals ready to provide a top quality clean.

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